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Information for parents

Parents are encouraged to motivate their children to swim, and or to swim harder, faster, and better. We strive to instill high ideals of good character, focusing on building team spirit.

The purpose of swimmers attending swim meets is to have fun, test their skills, and foster socialization. Meets build character, teamwork, perseverance, and most of all, responsibility.  Parents are to encourage their child from the sidelines during the meet.

Parents are invited to observe practice. Limit all conversations with the coaching staff while they are actively coaching on the pool deck, so their attention can stay focused on the swimmers. The best way to reach the coaching staff is before or after practice or via email. If you have an urgent message to deliver about your swimmer, please try and arrive early enough to let a coach know before practice begins. If you are unable to do this, please wait until a coach approaches the parent’s area or ask experienced parents to assist you.  The coaching staff requests that parents to not interfere with the practice session. Talk and encourage your child before and after the practices session.  Be enthusiastic and encourage your swimmer. Remember, the swimmer is still learning and needs to develop a positive self-image while enjoying a healthy sport.

1) Your responsibility at a swim meets is to provide support and supervision for your swimmer. Your swimmer will always swim better with you there to cheer them on!
2) Be sure that your swimmer is on time for warm-ups. Warm-ups involve low- intensity swimming prior to a race or practice to get muscles loose and warm. It gradually increases the swimmer’s heart rate and respiration. It is very important that your swimmer be properly warmed up at a meet.
3) You are required to help at meets! This will not only give you the best seat for each race, but also make time fly. The best seats in the house are at the edge of the pool!

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